There is nothing worse than a good brand losing market share due to lack of innovative tea blends and new packaging. Competition is tough today and you must get a good idea to market very fast. Our team is focused on keeping you in the leadership position.

We develop new blends to suit your customers while revamping on the packaging of the existing lines to ensure continuous brand enhancement.

As a custom manufacturer, PRIMUS knows that your brand requires the same level of attention and creativity that you give to your new tea products. Our standards match your standards precisely, our imagination and innovation perfectly blend with your expectations; our timings and your timetable

Making Specialty Tea Blend that make you especially proud

PRIMUS tea experts can course for you rare teas from selective estates and regions around the world pertaining to most quality seasons that can make your collection look enviable to your competition.

With our team of tasters you will get only the best in the category and you can participate in any international event/competition with aplomb.

At PRIMUS Tea Blending and Flavor Profiling is an Art

Long standing tea blends are often a challenge to duplicate. However the tea experts at PRIMUS are famous for moving a tea blend into a new sales environment using attractive packaging. Should you be thinking of transitioning part or your entire tea product lines, rest assured we can help you reach your goal. We can also suggest flavor enhancements, nutritional upgrades and money saving improvements.

Moving to PRIMUS is a very smart move.

With our worldwide access to more than hundreds of teas from 6 origins and our dedicated team of experts with varying packaging concepts you can seamlessly move your existing products to PRIMUS while maintaining all the quality, flavor profile and price points that keep your customers satisfied and your margins intact.

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Did you Know
  • PRIMUS sources teas from Africa, China, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia.
  • With contract manufacturing facilities in Colombo,Cochin,Kolkata and Mombasa our turnaround time is the fastest.
  • Single Chamber Tea Bags,Double Chamber Tea Bags with and without staple, Pod Bags,Pyramid Tea Bags all under one roof.
  • International Blends like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, English Tea No. 1, Afternoon Tea and more for your tea range.
  • Our Team of Professionals develop new blends for your specific needs.