Our Tea packaging units are capable of delivering packaged teas I the following formats


(A) TINS- Available in different shapes and sizes there tins are finished in Gold/Silver color and can be labelled as per the Buyer`s approval of design and matter.

Round Tins
Square Tins

(B) PAPER BOARD BOXES - The most common packaging option available from 50 gms upto 500 gms is the Paper Board Boxe duly printed as per approved design.We only use Food Grade Paper Board to make these boxes.

Normally the size and shape depends on the tea type used and the design incorporated. Of course to get the economies of scale you must print a minimum of 10,000 pcs of each type . Anything below this will increase the cost per unit.

The boxes can be of any shape and capacity. The regular ones are 25gms,50 gms,100gms,250 gms and 500 gms.

(C) HARD PAPER BOARD BOXES - There are usually hand made boxes which may be printed or embossed by a logo/design.

There are usually hand made boxes which may be printed or embossed by a logo/design. Another very convenient option is to paste pre-printed self adhesive labels ( stickers) on each face to give it a good look without having to bother about the minimums.

They are suitable for launching new teas , test market of new blends, holiday and coprpirate gifts with personalised messages as the same can be easily customised even for a small quantity order.

(D) WOODEN CHEST - Small Wooden chestlets made of Ply Board or pine Wood are available in varying sizes such as 50 gms,100 gms,250 gms and 1kgs. They may or may not be lined with Aluminium strips to give it a big real Chest look.

The advantage of using this packaging option is that we do not need any minimums for it and they may be printed in multiple colors as per your approved designs.

Double Chamber Tea Bags with Soft / Hard Tag with / without staples and with / without overwarps.

This is the most commonly used tea bag . However there are some minimum quantity restrictions when you want to get the tag printed in your brand name or customised design. They may or may not be put in overwraps depending on the suitability of product offering and the market.

Single Chamber Stapled Tea Bag with Soft /Hard Tag

An economical option of tea bagging is the signle chamber tea bag . These tea bags may be put in envelopes which are printed as per your approved design and logo.

Round /Square Pod bags

These are single chamber tea bags without staples/string and are commonly used for fast moving economical range of packing. They are not envelopes and simply put in the outer packing.

Pyramid Bags

For the convenience of having good leaf tea in tea bags, this packing is ideal. We can pack all kinds of leaf along with fruit bits to ensure that the consumer enjoys the leaf tea in tea bags.

Normally the tea bag cloth is a Nylon material which can also be 100% Bio-degradable. Attached with a string and soft tag these may or man not be enveloped depending on the packaging you want.

Tea Bag Overwarps( Enveloped Tea Bags)

Paper Crimped Envelopes

These are now outdated form of tea bag envelopes , however they still remain an inexpensive option of enveloping. Many brands are still using them to avoid escalation fo costs

Foil Envelopes

The latest and widely used option of teabag envelopes are the Foil Envelopes which are made of Alfoil,BOPP structure. They are aviable in different sizes and outer finishes ( Gloss/Matt) . There is a minimum quantity of Foil that must be printed for economies of scale and therefore many companies have avoided using them.

A crude way is to make some hand sealed envelopes, however they are not as good as the machine sealed ones when it comes to the final finish. Most of them develop wrinkles due to the thick paper used and also the sealing is uneven.