From our earliest experiences in the tea business, PRIMUS realised that one of the most important ingredients in our growth would come from cultivating collaborative long lasting partnerships with our tea partners in producing countries.

One-on-One Relationships

Partnering with PRIMUS is a collaborative experience aimed at producing truly innovative tea blends and packaging.

PRIMUS looks at everything -from basic costs , the overall process,the timing, the minimum order quanitities per SKU, the quality of tea and packaging , labelling and final shipping.

At every step we worl closely with your representative thus fostering an everlasting partnership and helping you build an enviable tea brand.

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Did you Know
  • PRIMUS sources teas from Africa, China, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia.
  • With contract manufacturing facilities in Colombo,Cochin,Kolkata and Mombasa our turnaround time is the fastest.
  • Single Chamber Tea Bags,Double Chamber Tea Bags with and without staple, Pod Bags,Pyramid Tea Bags all under one roof.
  • International Blends like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, English Tea No. 1, Afternoon Tea and more for your tea range.
  • Our Team of Professionals develop new blends for your specific needs.