Innovation, Creativity, Exploring tastes, Color, Consistency, Shelf life, Profitability and of course consumer pleasing taste- all form the basis of the extraordinary product development process at PRIMUS. Working closely with you, your new ideas become unique products.

As a blender and packer PRIMUS offers unique range of International Blends such as ENGLISH BREAKFAST, ENGLISH TEA NO.1…

There is nothing worse than a good brand losing market share due to lack of innovative tea blends and new packaging.

Competition is tough today and you must get a good idea to market very fast. Our team is focused on keeping you in the leadership position. We develop new blends to suit your customers while revamping on the packaging of the existing lines to ensure continuous brand enhancement.

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  • PRIMUS sources teas from Africa, China, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia.
  • With contract manufacturing facilities in Colombo,Cochin,Kolkata and Mombasa our turnaround time is the fastest.
  • Single Chamber Tea Bags,Double Chamber Tea Bags with and without staple, Pod Bags,Pyramid Tea Bags all under one roof.
  • International Blends like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, English Tea No. 1, Afternoon Tea and more for your tea range.
  • Our Team of Professionals develop new blends for your specific needs.