PRIMUS Total Quality Commitment

At PRIMUS our quality standards and processes reflect the highest level of attention to detail and transparency. Our teams keep a constant eye on every phase of our operations right from product proofing to final commercial run.

We are always reviewing our procedures,training our staff and raising the bar to maintain our upper edge.

Meeting all Standards and Practices

Food Safety is of paramount importance throughout PRIMUS production processes. Uncompromising efforts are made to adhere to all standards at their highest levels and support our long established reputation for good manufacturing practices.

From the fresh teas that arrives at our blending and packing units to the finished product at the loading docks we dispatch our highly trained teams making sure our strict food safety standards are never compromised.

Our facilities are fully lincenced and compliant with the most up-to-date standards and procedures in the industry. We are audited each year by internationally recognised food facility audit firms for compliance of standards.

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Did you Know
  • PRIMUS sources teas from Africa, China, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia.
  • With contract manufacturing facilities in Colombo,Cochin,Kolkata and Mombasa our turnaround time is the fastest.
  • Single Chamber Tea Bags,Double Chamber Tea Bags with and without staple, Pod Bags,Pyramid Tea Bags all under one roof.
  • International Blends like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, English Tea No. 1, Afternoon Tea and more for your tea range.
  • Our Team of Professionals develop new blends for your specific needs.